Happy Reading!  These random rumblings and bewildered (bewildering?) babblings are being produced regularly by a Gen-X, wanna’-be Iron Ranger who enjoys bonfires, long walks on the beach and heaploads of sarcasm.  If your ability to detect said sarcasm is weak, then I highly recommend not reading this blog, it’ll just upset you and leave you frustrated.

This blog is a mix of my review of the Iron Range of Minnesota (with a mostly positive bent, being the Aquarian that I am) and a view into my life as a pack-sacking, land-mining, bunny-hugging, kayak-paddling, trail-hiking, pet-owning, childfree-being, Matt-adoring redhead.


And remember… you were warned.



  1. I enjoy the way that you pack-full a sentence and carefully select each word. Reading fast, skimming, is the norm today. You force a slower, more deliberate pace. Great with coffee.
    Thank you,

    • Thank you so much for the encouragement 🙂 Your comment made my week!

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