Posted by: mesabimisadventures | January 1, 2012

Another Year, Another Thousand Resolutions

There are few things in this world that I appreciate more than a shiny new Daily Planner.

Yes, I realize that every morning gives us all the opportunity for a fresh start, but there really is something refreshing about a New Year.  If there wasn’t, there wouldn’t be a whole pile of people signing up for gym memberships this week.

I won’t be one of those people.

But only because I live 30 minutes from Hibbing and it would make zero sense for me to drive into town after work and then head back home.  Especially when I have a dog that requires me to spell out w-a-l-k.  Along with millions of other Americans, I will once again set a goal to get back into shape.  That’s just a given.  But what about some other resolutions?  How have old ones panned out for me?

On New Year’s Day 1998, I made a simple resolution that I think I’m going to use again – when faced with a decision, make the right choice.

Yeah, apparently 1997 was a year of poor choices…

2011 wasn’t, but I know I  can do better.  And so can all of us.

One of my biggest frustrations in life is with folks who don’t believe they have the power to affect their lives.  Those people are considered E-LOC people.  LOC stands for Locus of Control (click here for more information).  Some of us are I-LOC (Internal LOC)  individuals who believe we are in control of our destiny whereas E-LOC (External) folks believe that life controls them.  I have this sneaking suspicion that many of us who create resolutions that we actually strive to meet are I-LOCers.

In 2012, I can achieve most of my goals if I remember that 1998 resolution and how I have that power to make decisions for myself.  We can’t control our circumstances always.  Stuff happens.  How do we deal with those so-called curveballs that life throws at all?  Do we whine about the unfairness of life or do we roll with it?  Do we control what is within our power to control?  And for those circumstances that aren’t in our control, do we remember that we still are granted the power to choose our response?

I’m only half-joking when I say I have a thousand resolutions, meaning that I have about 500.  Eat more fruits and veggies.  Swear less.  Break my addiction to Plants vs. Zombies.

Well, I should try to accomplish at least 2 of those 3.  And I won’t say which will be the most challenging.

Seriously though, the year is sitting in front of us all and although nothing magical ever happens at midnight (from what I can remember from the years I stayed awake for it!), this could be the year something magical happens to you.

The challenge will be in recognizing that you’re the magician who needs to make it happen.

Happy New Year to all of you and best wishes on achieving the goals you’ve set out for yourself!



  1. My depressing thoughts on the subject: The locus of control *is* sometimes outside your power and the only control you have in that situation is to salvage what you can of shattered pieces. Think Alzheimer’s, or cancer (it’s a lucky crapshoot on what kind you get and then if it responds to treatment), etc.

    How much power over a given situation do we actually have is the interesting question to me.

    • I agree completely with you Wes and I think you’ve inspired my next blog. I really don’t think we have much control over a situation, just ourselves within the situation and heck, in violent situations we don’t even have control over our actions, just our emotions.

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