Posted by: mesabimisadventures | December 21, 2011

United We Stand

“I am only one, but still I am one. I cannot do everything, but still I can do something; and because I cannot do everything, I will not refuse to do something that I can do.” – Helen Keller

If there’s one thing I’ve learned this month, it’s that there is no end to amazing organizations that need our help and amazing people who have dedicated their lives to helping others.  Trying to decide what organizations to support can be very overwhelming and disappointing because it’s easy to feel that your money is so insignificant compared to the need.

In reality, the money I’m donating this month is completely insufficient to make any dent.  But when one person’s money is matched by another’s is matched by another’s and so on, then you really CAN make a difference.

That’s why I support the United Way of NE Minnesota every payday, including on my 15th Day of Giving.  Not only do I have the ease of having the donation directly taken from my paycheck before I even know I have that money, but I also get to be a part of a larger movement to help out a wide variety of groups in our area.  By myself, I have limited ability to help, but united with my coworkers and community members, we have the power to change the dynamics of our community in a positive way.

The variety of organizations supported by the United Way is truly impressive (over 61 in NE MN!) and can be viewed here.  There are organizations that support “Meeting Basic Needs” such as the Second Harvest Northern Lakes Food Bank and the Red Cross, organizations that “Support Health and Independence” such as the East Range DAC and Range Respite and organizations that “Nurture Children and Families” such as Range Women’s Advocates and Smiles Across Minnesota.  In recognition of the fact that there are some organizations that folks specifically want their donation to go to and others that they would prefer not to support for various reasons, the United Way now allows you the opportunity to direct your donation either to or from groups if you so desire.  (So there goes that excuse!)

136,000 people received assistance from United Way agencies last year and 99 cents of every dollar donated stayed on the Iron Range.  There is no question that there is a need out there in our community.  The only question is: will you stand united with your Iron Range neighbors to combat this need?

Note: This is the fifteenth post in a series of 31 highlighting donation opportunities this holiday season. 


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