Posted by: mesabimisadventures | December 11, 2011

Bundles of Unconditional Love

It’s not surprising that I ended up as a pet person and not a kid person.

Or that I’m not that stylish as an adult…

Pets come with a whole set of benefits that ideally outweigh the headaches and heartaches.  They lower blood pressure, listen without judging and love unconditionally.  They keep you in shape – “if your dog is fat, you’re not getting enough exercise.”  They cuddle when you need it.  Wag their tails when they see you (okay, maybe just the dogs, but…).

Some may consider this cheating for my project, but there are 3 animal shelters that have come to my pets’ rescue and one that just started up and could probably use some help, so this entry counts for 4 days.

My 10th day of giving is in honor of Dakota, who I love even though she’s not a shelter dog (nobody’s perfect).  She’s the world’s most perfect dog (don’t I sound like a parent?) and will be damn near impossible to ever try to replace.  There is a new animal shelter in Chisholm called Precious Paws Humane Society – 101 1st Avenue SW (kittycorner from Jubilee) – 218-254-3300 and our next pet (which hopefully we won’t get for a long time because it will mean one of ours has passed away) will come from it.  Lest you think I’m a bad parent, she really likes her crate and chooses to sleep in it even though she has beds scattered throughout the house.

Our 11th Day of Giving is in honor of our most recent addition – Rocky – who we really should have named “Cuddles” or “Snuggle” or “Buttercup” so that he was better behaved.  We picked him out at the Range Regional Animal Rescue at 11215 Hwy 37 just out of Hibbing – 218-262-1900.  This photo is very deceptive.  He rarely cuddles, but occasionally he does wear himself out fighting with me, Matt, Dakota or Chloe.  The cat is a holy terror, but at least he has a home.

Our 12th Day of Giving is in honor of Chloe – aka Chloebird, little bird, and sweetie pie.  We scooped her up at the Mesabi Humane Society. She was a holy terror for the first few years, but is relatively calm now.  “Relatively”  She was meant to be Matt’s cat because her camoflauge is amazing!

Our 13th day of Giving is in memory of Oliver, who we had to put down on December 13, 2010.  It’s been a year, but the wound is still raw for me. He was saved by Contented Critters of Makinen 8 years ago and was a loyal buddy through the 7 years we had him in our home.  Not a day goes by that we don’t mention him.

There isn’t much I can say about these 4 days.  Some people love pets, some just don’t.  I do.  Our home is chaotic and we spend an inordinate amount of time having to vacuum up fur, but I wouldn’t trade that for anything.  I’m a pet person and as long as I’m married, I can hopefully avoid the “Crazy Cat Lady” description.

We owe it to animals to make sure they are spayed and neutered so our animal shelters don’t become overloaded.  We owe it to our animal shelters for bringing these critters off of the streets and into our homes.  Although our home can’t handle another pet, hopefully our donations (and yours!) can help these animals out until they can find their Forever Home.


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