Posted by: mesabimisadventures | December 5, 2011

Every Good Toy Deserves a Kid

The Velveteen Rabbit ain’t got nothin’ on Harvey Jarvey.  Although… the last time I checked, Harvey Jarvey still was a stuffed animal and hasn’t been turned into a real raccoon through the love of a little girl all grown up (or grown older).

What’s that you ask?  Who the heck is Harvey Jarvey?  Well, let me introduce you with a picture of what appears to be a little boy and his stuffed raccoon (aka Harvey Jarvey).  I assure you that’s me, if the devilish grin doesn’t give it away (oh, and the bright red hair).

That stuffed animal somehow survived my childhood and although his fur is nowhere as soft now as it once was, he still has a place in my home and my heart.  He was my buddy, my pal and was forced to listen to me read many many books to him.  He gave me a good home or I gave him one (or both?).

Isn’t that what every toy deserves?  If you don’t think so, then you’re probably in the 1% who didn’t cry at Toy Story 3, ya’ mean bugger.

So how do we get these toys to kids that will love them like crazy?

We donate to Toys for Tots, that’s how.

The Marine Toys for Tots has a pretty simple mission – get these toys a home.  And I guess a kid or two might also get a smile from it.

98% of the donations go directly to helping out the toys, errr… children.  98%!  That’s an incredible percentage for a charity!  You can donate toys, money or your time and know that 98% of it is going to provide toys, books and other gifts to children who will otherwise have a less-than-awesome Christmas.  98%!

If you’d like to donate, there are various drop-off locations on the Iron Range (and other places if you aren’t from up here).  Michael Hames is our local coordinator if you’d like to find a location close to the Range.  His phone numbers are 218.885.5010 and 218.969.9367 and his email is  You can also donate money online or your time if you have any and you’re willing to share.

Although I’m writing this today and donating money, I filled out the volunteer request form so hopefully I’ll hear back and get a chance to volunteer either after work next week or during the day on my week off before Christmas.

After all, those toys aren’t going to find homes by themselves!


This post was inspired by Harvey Jarvey.  Oops, I mean my mom (bwah ha ha) who taught me the importance of donating toys to this charity when I was younger.  I remember her always dropping off toys for children who probably deserved them a lot more than her smart-aleck daughter did!

Note: This is the fifth post in a series of 31 highlighting donation opportunities this holiday season. 


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