Posted by: mesabimisadventures | November 27, 2010

34 Mini-Misadventures Before 34

Over a year ago when I started this blog, it was in response to a potential layoff.  I had hoped  to document all sorts of wacky adventures that I was planning to have while on layoff.  But the layoff didn’t happen, so you’ve all had to listen to me chat about other things and I’ve appreciated it.  I really have.  But it’s time for a challenge and a new adventure.

So beginning today, 34 mini-misadventures before I hit 34-years-old on January 27, 2012.  I was going to wait until I hit 33 to begin the challenge, but I’m really impatient and there are a few fun weekends coming up this month that I want to include in my to-do list. 

Minnesota’s a pretty incredible state to be lucky enough to live in and in the next year, I hope to share some hidden gems and well-known, but underappreciated aspects of our beautiful state.  There will be a few other destinations thrown in if I get lucky enough to travel, but it will mostly be Minnesota and mostly the Iron Range.

I hope you enjoy the new direction of the blog as I travel around and share my pictures and discoveries.  I’m open to ideas and traveling partners (I can’t realistically expect Matt to go to art museums and eat sushi with me!), so shoot me a message or two and be a part of the Misadventure!



  1. Should be fun. I expect to learn about some places I haven’t been to, even though I’ve been here since 1977. One place I haven’t gotten to is the look out/tourist place just out of Virginia, actually, between Virginia and Eveleth. I did get to an undeveloped high point south of the Range in September called Skibo Overlook. Have you been there? If not, let me know and I’ll find directions for you. I have only the name in my notebook.

    • Skibo’s great! Thanks for the reminder because I was trying to think of a few places on that end of the range. Mostly so I have an excuse to eat at the restaurant in Hoyt Lakes. I haven’t been there since I worked out at the old LTV admin building.

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