Posted by: mesabimisadventures | June 2, 2010

Breaking the Circle

Six months and counting,
where’d my family go?
You left us without leaving,
please say it isn’t so.

We sit in limbo,
while you run around.
Waiting for you,
nerves tightly wound.

We can’t move on yet,
Lord knows we try.
Pain compounds daily,
her eyes never dry.

Where will she live,
where will be home?
She stayed faithful,
you chose to roam.

Bitterness pounding
into my soul.
Sorrow, hatred
taking its toll.

Years of knocking
my walls down.
Put my feet in concrete,
let my heart drown.

I had a family,
that family was intact.
She came around,
all gone, hijacked.

Circle of trust
and all of that,
all gone in a moment
you cheating rat.

We were your family
and now we are not.
All those years,
all for naught.

No more Father’s Day,
no more Papa.
Hope you like it,
here’s your karma.

Blood after all
is thicker than water.
You were once my step-dad
but I’m no longer your daughter.


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