Posted by: mesabimisadventures | August 21, 2009

For The Leaves They Are A-Changin’

My apologies to Bob Dylan fans for the blasphemous headline

Soon kids will be climbing onto their school buses.  Unstained, unsticky backpacks loaded with a fresh start.  Kindergartener parents holding back their tears (or is that fears?) as their little ones step into a new world loaded with opportunities and challenges that they alone must navigate (do I use the red crayon or the blue here?).

Already the Carlton County Fair has come and gone.  My signal that summer is ready to be tucked away for another round of Fall, Winter and Spring went by in a blur of cotton candy and my little nieces’ giggles.  Farmers and 4-Her’s have displayed the fruits (and veggies) of their labors, horses have been raced and Derby cars have been smashed up (a little more).

Soon the leaves will all be red, orange and gold, providing great camouflage for us redheads.  The Earth will begin her process of closing up shop for the winter, leaving us with crunchy hikes and the distinct, indescribable smell that is instantly recognizable to Northern Minnesotans as “Fall.”  Our tamarack trees, our lone deciduous conifers, will turn golden brown and release their soft needles that they seem to have just recently produced.

Already the hours of daylight have significantly shortened.  We now wake up in darkness, flailing around to shut off our alarms and flick lightswitches on so we don’t step on the dog’s tail.  Our evening fishing is ending a little earlier and more abruptly every night as our brains refuse to accept what our bodies are telling us. 

Soon we will begin pulling up the docks, stacking the kayaks in the garage and in Side Lake we’ll be watching our population drop precipitously.  Some of us will begin nesting, hunkering down for the winter, driven by our DNA in ways many of us don’t even recognize or acknowledge.  We’ll turn our attention away from trips to the cabin towards Friday night football games played under the lights.

Already, the “Summer that never quite was” is beginning to sneak away from us and Soon, Fall will be here with all of the fresh starts, hunting trips, wood smoke, and hiking that any Northern Minnesotan could want.

Fall is nigh says I with a sigh.



  1. Let’s hike to that:)

  2. I love the thought of fall right now, but here in Alabama it is hot and humid and will be up until October or thereabouts. There are still some signs that fall will eventually get here though…flocks of birds gathering, and some of the leaves are turning. The sun is barely rising on my way in to work now too, and it’s getting dark earlier. I’ll be glad when Labor Day hits though, less people to crowd at our favorite seafood restaurant at the lake. 🙂

    • Isn’t it amazing the change after Labor Day? I feel up here like we get our town back 😉 It may still be hot and humid there, but in February I’ll be wishing I was there!!!

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