Posted by: mesabimisadventures | May 1, 2009

“It’s a shallow life that doesn’t give a person a few scars.” – Garrison Keillor

We start off our lives flawless.

Our skin is smooth.  Our hair is shiny.  Our outlook is hopeful. 

But then life happens.

Our souls become scarred.

As does our outside.

Within each scar is a story. 

Our story.

Are you less beautiful? 

Or are you a survivor?

National Geographic did a ZipUSA article on Hibbing in 2002. In it, they quote Bob Dylan.  “You’ve seen that great ugly hole in the ground, where that open-pit mine was,” Dylan told biographer Robert Shelton. “They actually think, up there, that it is beautiful.”

Yeah Mr. Dylan.  I do actually think it’s beautiful.

I stare at my computer monitor and type away, knowing fully that somewhere there is a hole in the ground because of this computer.  A large hole, a massive hole potentially seen from space. 

A scar if you will.

My “need” for this computer and for my truck and for my food and for my house and for my clothes and for my paper and for my every single thing I own created the scar.

I created the scar.

“I am only one, but still I am one” – Helen Keller

Yes Mr. Dylan.  The Iron Range is one hell of a large gash in Minnesota.  The pits are deep, the sides are steep, and the stockpiles rise up like Aztec temples. 

The blasting and digging end, the gashes heal. 

Our gashes heal. 

Yet we are deemed destructive. 

Farmland and wetlands beyond count are lost in the metro area, but this is considered success.

Those gashes won’t heal. 

They’ll remain torn open with strip malls, townhomes, endless cloverleafs and cars ripping the cut open continuously like the little kid who won’t listen when mom says to quit picking at their scabs.

We will heal and our scars will tell a story.

A story about how the Iron Range provided and continues to provide for a quality of life that grants people the time, resources and technology to fight against mining.


And beautiful.



  1. I have not the words to adequately express the admiration I have for you over this post. Your wisdom is a beacon of light in the dim recesses our society has sunk to.

  2. WOW! very refreshing post. I can’t believe all the people, aspecially in Hibbing that hold think Dylan is such an icon when he has never to my knowledge siad or done anything positive for the Iron Range. What a bunch of Kool-Aid drinkers they are!

  3. How many scars can we endure before out character becomes deformed is forever destroyed?

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